A Little About Us

Dianna and Geoff met back in the summer of 2007 while working at T.L. Storer Scout Reservation. At time, Geoff was working at the COPE (ropes course) Director and Dianna was the Program Director. Despite falling for her immediately, it took a couple of months and all but the two backing out of a group drive-in outing to spark things off. Caution is advisable when falling for your boss, after all.

Following camp that year, Geoff and Dianna took a 5 day backpacking trip through the White Mountains that, despite rough hikes and sore muscles, became a very special experience and confirmed that there was something really special going on.

Despite having only dated for a month or so, Geoff and Dianna made the decision to continue the relationship even as Geoff moved 3,000 miles away to Salt Lake City. Eight months of late night phone calls, week on/week off schedules, and Geoff's month-long wilderness trek were difficult, but at the end of it they were back together in New Hampshire.

Following camp, Geoff finally made the move to the greater Boston area, firmly set on settling down and asking Dianna to marry him. On Labor Day weekend 2009, surrounded by both families, Geoff asked Dianna to spend the rest of their lives together.

You all are invited to see it made official and help us kick off our new lives with joy and celebration!