Learn to Camp

Camp Sayre provides the greatest "Learn to Camp Package" for Cub Scouts and their families. The adventure menu shows all the Programs and services available to your Pack to make your stay adventurous and comfortable. This allows each pack to customize their adventure.

We've bundled several of the most popular Programs to create easy to plan packages.

Package One: One Day Cub Outdoor Adventure, this one day adventure is great for the youngest den.

Arrive at 9am
Scout games and parent orientation
Archery (each boy earns archery belt loop)
Learn to cook
Family Treasure Hike
Depart around 3pm
Each boy earns archery and hiking belt loop.
$15 per person (save $2)
Lunch provided

Package Two:

Over night package
Add dinner and following day breakfast in the dining hall
Evening camp fire with s'mores
Monkey bridge and scout skills
$35 per person
Lunch, dinner and Breakfast included
Each boy earns one additional belt loop

Package three:

Big Guy adventure
Add a three mike hike to the summit of great Blue Hill along with nature interpretation and orienteering
Add a second lunch (on the trail)
All boys earn a partial for Webelos Badge
Parents earn Baloo
$47 per person

Substitutions: many Programs can be exchanged for other program options of equal or greater value 8 scouts - Minimum participation for all packages

Bundle your package!

The entire Pack is participating in the weekend trip however,
The tiger den participates in package one
The wolves and Bears package two
The Webelos package three

Simply "plug in the total participants" per package and we'll take care of the rest